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Dodie Jacobi

Insights from 40 years of singular
entrepreneurial experience

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Dodie has throughout her long career in innovation and entrepreneurship created inflection point strategies for entrepreneurial ventures and the organizations that support them. She’s worked in more than a hundred industries from highly technical, scientific startups to avant garde creative arts. She's built and advised for- and not-for-profit companies. Past clients include all types of business including Mom and Pop shops, service firms, soloists, fast companies, and manufacturers with more than 200 employees. She's helped secure funding from every funding type and source including bootstraps, venture capital, debt loans, crowdfunding, angel investors, and philanthropists. And she’s worked at every stage of venture maturity many times – from research and development to startup, expansions pivots, acquisitions, mergers, and closings.

Topics Dodie Advises About

Dodie is versant in a long list of topics for entrepreneurs. If you're unsure she has advice about what's on your mind, email Dodie about your matter before scheduling. Following are a few topics that work well for a 30- or 60-minute conversation:

  • Inflection point strategies

  • Identifying and prioritizing next steps for your goal

  • Pivot or persevere on your plan

  • Opportunity assessment – now, later, or never

  • Fundraising (bootstrap, equity, debt, philanthropic, crowd, or combo)

  • Social impact ventures – not-for-profit or not

  • Partnership and strategic alliance structure

  • Product development, test, and launch

  • Deal prep, pitch, nurturing, and negotiations

  • Entrepreneur stamina, self-care and lifestyle design

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