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Dodie Jacobi

Strategist for profitable companies
growing in a new direction

With 40 years of experience and my perpetual curiosity about what’s next, it’s likely that your company’s uncharted territory is my familiar stomping grounds.

I’ve collaborated with Owners and C’s in the suite through every kind of growth spurt many times. Startups, pivots, strategic alliances, partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, good-to-great reinventions, innovation launches, spin-offs, sells, and closures. I’ve accumulated a deep archive of proven solutions and a lot of knowledge about predictable growth patterns and venture life cycles.

Of course, I don’t know everything, but I know how to find out anything.

For a path neither of us has experienced before, I’m humble and connected enough to learn from others in my wide and deep circle of colleagues. I know when and what questions to ask and who has the answers. And when we’re on the precipice of what no one knows, I iterate progress with safe-sized steps while we find firmer footing.


Let’s turn what’s scarily unknown about the future
into a fact-finding, profitable adventure.

If you’re ready to put one foot in front of the other, with experience-backed knowledge and counsel from the strategist who’s advised hundreds of the most accomplished businesses and gratified owners in the country, take the next step and schedule a 1 on 1 get acquainted session.

Grow with one who's been where you're going

Growing Together

Every step of our engagement is tailored for your knowledge, experience, resources, and goals. You work exclusively with me in a combination of planned 1-on-1 video conference sessions and between-session email support, with access to my extensive library of proprietary tools and processes. This simple three phase frame guides how we'll define your growth's strategy, allocate resources, and progress through implementation. Through every step, I'm advocating for your swiftest profitability and a gratifying journey.

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First, we prepare for your growth with a Growth Strategy combining your knowledge and my experience-backed recommendations for assuredly getting what you want next - professionally and personally.


Then, we detail in an Action Plan the steps and resources you'll need at a pace defined by your available resources of time, money, and energy, and by your prior knowledge and experience.

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Then we don't stick to the plan. I'm with you at every step in monthly sessions and between-session emails course correcting and adding new recommendations needed for continued progress through the inevitable do-overs, second guesses, and distractions that are part of any worthy endeavor. 

Added Resources Individualized pop-up lecture how-to's, operational tools, educational content, and introduction to other proven professionals.


Six Month Duration – or More Engagement runs typically for a minimum of six consecutive months. If you want or need to work together for longer, legacy clients get the first option for the limited vacancies I make available each year.


Your experience in our collaboration is customized, and so are the outcomes. Your engagement will reflect your priorities and specific outcomes, though most every engagement includes at the least the following:

  • turn what's possible into what's probable with an individualized Growth Strategy built on known patterns and iterative discovery about what's not known

  • focus, pace, and manage available resources in a detailed Action Plan

  • reduce the risk of pivotal change with iterative, right-sized bites toward what's unknowable

  • increase the likelihood of success with course corrections and new recommendations throughout implementation

  • increase accomplishment regardless daily business demands with timely touchstones

  • access when needed a vast archive of content, trusted relationships, and proven resources with lifeline emails

  • benchmark impact of our engagement with a simple Dashboard

  • add ease and confidence to future growth spurts with a reusable probability mindset and knowledge

Is now the time for us to collaborate?

You should consider working with me IF…

  • you want to feel not just more confident about your company's growth, but more certain

  • you want to deliver the very best, most impactful work to your clients

  • you don't know what you want next, or you do, but either way you're not sure exactly how to get it

  • you are willing to make changes in how you do business

  • you are willing and able to prioritize the time, money, energy, and individual capacity needed for your growth

  • your business has been profitable for consecutive, multiple years and has the financial means to invest in engagement without adding stress or risking interruption midway

  • you can afford the additional services required from your own providers that your Growth Strategy may require - most typically legal, marketing, and administrative services, and possibly additional employees

  • you insist on fun AND profit from your work!


I'm committed to assuring your investment in engagement is just that - an investment,

with returned tangible and intangible value that exceeds your financial cost.

Engagement starts at $125k; terms for scope and total investment are detailed prior to beginning.

Schedule an initial 1 on 1 video conference session for us to learn more about what's next and assess compatibility for this important investment in your business. I ask you to prepare a 15-minute assignment ahead of our meeting to make the most of this time together.

About Dodie

Dodie has throughout her long career in innovation and entrepreneurship created growth strategies for entrepreneurial ventures. She’s worked in more than 75 industries from highly technical, scientific startups to avant-garde creative artists. She's built and advised for- and not-for-profit companies. Past clients include all types of business: Mom and Pop shops, service firms, soloists, fast companies, and manufacturers with more than 200 employees. She's helped secure funding from every funding type and source including bootstraps, venture capital, debt loans, crowdfunding, angel investors, and philanthropists. And she’s worked at every stage of venture maturity many times – from research and development to startup, expansions pivots, acquisitions, mergers, and closings.

Dodie has collaborated with such recognized organizations as IBM, Jim Henson's Muppets, Harrison/Erickson (most famously, Phillie Phanatic's creators), Children’s Television Workshop, PBS’ History Detectives, Hallmark, Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Sprint, Universal Press Syndicate, The Kansas City Star, Zahner Architectural Metal Fabrication, and hundreds of other organizations

In Dodie’s latest venture, Dodiodo, she develops intellectual properties for market-leading brands to acquire.


Dodie has a Bachelor of Music, Vocal Performance degree from Southern Methodist University and has sung in 9 languages. A committed urbanite, she lives in Hyde Park in Kansas City, Missouri, with dog Simon and cat Fiona and rides horse Taye in choreography to music and on happy trails.

Read more about Dodie's past experience.

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