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June 19, 2024

In Development

Just finished an enlightening dive into the world of Corporate Venture Studios and Venture Studios - the latest growing model for enabling startups. It takes me back to my early Launch Plans Venture Partners development days in the late '90s when people thought our for-profit startup model was not viable. Now this model exists rampantly, with many accomplished and profitable ventures as proof positive.


I like everything I see about the Venture Studio model as inspiration for Dodiodo's operation and IP transfer. There are some assumptions I need to test around my preference that looks more like university commercialization/handoff than the majority of programs that aquire a Founder/IP bundle. I want to transfer the IP, but not retain equity. I'll be testing this model on some prospective buyers in the next few weeks. Love a good experiment and eager to see what I learn.

One final thought: I'm exploring whether Venture Studio is the right tag for our focus. Indeed with fund and develop IP, emphasizing market identification and validation before handing off to what might well be another Venture Studio or Corporate Venture Studio that takes the property further to launch. Fortunately, the days of committing to a big-print-run-tethered brand are over! I'll live with this a bit and see how it flies during my experiments to set expectations for our value proposition and deliverables.


So much fun with my two new clients working on launching their new consulting practices. Smart. Focused. Talented. They're going to be great, and I'm genuinely excited about the programs we're designing for their unique positioning and super valuable impact. We're boot camping both program launches, so will be able to announce the outcomes in the next week or so.


Just when I think I'm back in, they puuuuuuuulll me back out. My riding in the last two weeks has been a reverse of Al Pacino's plight in the Godfather plot. I confess it's been very difficult. I expect to be back in, and stay there, tomorrow, and can barely contain my anticipation.

Listening, Reading, Watching

Keeping it light with a binge of Apples Never Fall on Peacock - a terrific structure, compelling story, well-produced, and impeccably performed with Annette Bening and Sam Neill.


Counting down to my July sabbatical, with extra time in my office, feeding is perfunctory around here lately. There's still time for the occasional treat like this super easy buttery Strawberry Spoon Cake that bakes into berry jam puddles. It is ready perhaps too quickly, perfect for aforementioned binge watch, company's coming dessert, or your next meeting's refreshments.

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