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May 19, 2024

In Development

Development is getting a nice boost of energy going into a carrot-capped week of Memorial Day holiday: sent a couple pitches out the door last week, which feels like a huge hurdle hopped; made some new connections in Show Biz filled with serendipity and like-mindedness; nearing public announcement of a key development partner whose expertise accelerates my learning curve and makes more real my long-held-finally-happening aspirations.


I'm still playing with ways to create easy, targeted visibility among prospective creators and brands who want my expertise. I welcome ideas I've not yet considered, good reader.


I know as my media & entertainment presence grows with my development activities, so will my advisory income that underwrites my self-funded property development. Meanwhile, I'm looking for options that don't dilute my primary pitch focus.


I've explored consortia but not yet found the right fit. (It's the idea I most love for differentiating my decades of impact - a boutique of highly-experienced top talent peers. Conversations continue with one promising direction...stay tuned.) 


I've also explored expertise marketplaces like positioned for high-quality, exclusive access. But like many such destinations, I would still need to do a good bit of independent marketing which makes them effectively a payment processor I don't need. And their primary target isn't mine. 


I'd checked out Upwork some time ago, finding low-pay project work. This week, though, while looking for talent, I found some fractional requests and offers, as well as requests for strategy design  - which is my superpower. So I set up a profile to experiment, which I always find fun.


The first ride of last week was on my Tallest Ever Horse at 17.5 hands. You can see the difference in the photo below, with my Taye on the left and tall girl on the right.


My second ride didn't last long, no fault of my sweet steed! I've been healing a non-riding-related injury from an ice fall. The gelding's was a saddle by the same maker I rode for years but recently rejected as limiting my progress. Just a few minutes in the saddle, and damn. Ice injury back full force. So recovering this weekend with fingers crossed I can resume training without further delay. AND hope this will be our week to return to riding my own horse.


Taye on the left and tall drink of water at 17.5 hands on the right, my tallest horse ever.

Listening, Reading, Watching

I like to read the book before I see the movie. Or series. So when I heard this book is headed for the screen, I started it as my latest audio. "No Bullet Got Me Yet: The Relentless Faith of Father Kapaun" by author John Stansifer, a Kansas native, is about a fellow Kansas and the most decorated US military Chaplain in history and his path to sainthood in the Roman Catholic Church. It's going to make a helluva movie with top talent gathering for the endeavor. Visit the Facebook page to follow the book's path to screen.

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