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About Dodiodo

Dodiodo, Inc. is the development and holding company for Dodie Jacobi’s intellectual properties created around her personal interests and four-decade career in innovation, entrepreneurship, media, and entertainment. We are organized to collaborate with experts assembled to take each property through market validation, product development, and market readiness. Dodiodo then seeks market-dominant brands, media, and entertainment partners to acquire and scale each property for the greatest impact and profit.

Properties in development focus on intriguing convergences around the newest technologies, market changes, and societal influences: 

  • transmedia properties and how they can create greater impact with diversified distribution

  • repurposing legacy properties in new media, multi-media, and omni-media

  • assuring upsides while tempering downsides of continued AI innovation

  • the best of each in the increasing journalism/entertainment mashup

  • education as latent growth opportunity for media and entertainment

  • entertainment for reducing -isms (race-ism, age-ism, sex-ism)

  • reconciling past socio-economic transgressions with future reparations -  literally and philosophically

  • conscious capitalism as a good use of wealth

While Dodiodo does not have the capacity to accept commissions or submissions, we look forward to collaborating with brands and allies who share our ambition to further peace, equality, and enough for every being on a thriving planet.

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