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Advisory + Outcomes

Advisory Engagement provides expert advice, strategy, and practical planning from 40-year creative veteran and Dodiodo's founder, Dodie Jacobi.

Dodie brings decades of experience in venture growth, funding, marketing strategies, and product development; evergreen advice and tools; effective processes; and trend-spotting insights. Engage in advisory for:

  • multi-media, cross-platform branded entertainment and content strategies

  • leveraging existing assets, develop new IP, and take it all to market across multiple platforms

  • use and integration strategies before, during, and after acquisition for the most brand-beneficial investment in Dodiodo's IP

  • new IP product development with test, to-market, and growth strategies

Each Advisory Engagement combines your knowledge with Dodie's experience-backed recommendations to create a customized Action Plan paced by your available resources of time, money, and energy. Then you don't stick to the plan. Dodie is with you at every step to correct course with new recommendations.


It's a process proven for hundreds of Dodie's past clients and her own ventures that assures steady progress through the inevitable do-overs, second guesses, and distractions that are part of any worthy endeavor.

Advisory Engagements begin at $125k. Terms for scope, outcomes, and total investment are detailed prior to beginning, and may be organized as a finite special project or long-lived retainer relationship.


In all things, Dodiodo is committed to assuring your investment is just that –

an investment, with returned tangible and intangible value that exceeds your financial cost and delivers the outcomes that led you to our engagement.


What might we develop together?

Let's schedule a Zoom and find out.

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